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    Here at Leap, we are dedicated to easing your burden as you decide what you want to do after high school. We hope to provide you with some options you may not have thought possible and hopefully point you in the direction that you want to head. The end of your schooling is only the beginning of an amazing life. Don’t limit your possibilities and remember to leap into your future!
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Staying one step ahead: Tertiary students investing in career development

Tertiary students are developing their skills long before they graduate to increase their chances of landing a job in the future. Studies have shown that 15.2 per cent of university graduates in 2009 had already been offered full-time employment in their final year before graduating, rising 2.1 per cent between the years 2008 and 2009. … Continue reading

Uni students put theory into practise

  A recent survey conducted by LEAP has found that 86.4% of university students are undertaking paid work.   The survey indicated that almost half of these students are working more since starting further study. However, despite the large percentage of working students, 45.5% believed their jobs had a positive effect on their studies, allowing … Continue reading

VCE Freak Outs: Stress and Worry

A survey conducted by Leap
shows 37% of students are suffering from VCE induced stress and 5% are afraid it will affect their ENTER.

“Students react badly to stress. They sit and stare at their computers instead of studying. They can’t move. They do nothing.” Said Student Well-Being Officer, Ann-Marie Fish.

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